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No order -i need help of expert

I am new on Fiverr from the last 2 months. But I have not got any orders yet. I have shared my gig on many social media platforms, but no result. Please suggest me what can I do?


You should send the buyer request regularly and stay online 24 hours. I wish you can get a good results.


If you really need help of expert I would recommend you to watch this.


Always try to maintain response time and send 2 buyers request . Not much more


Thanks for your suggestion. I do it every day. But no result.

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@maria_sarkar Thanks

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@blavaro, thanks for the suggestion of the video. It’s a very helpful video.

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If anybody share their gigs into social media, Usually it will visible to their friends and family.
Will your friends and family buy your service ? Absolutely not.
Your service will buy those who need your service.
Everywhere "you can see that share your gig on social media and you will get sells. " It is not always true.
You can not reach yet to your customers those who actually need your service. So you haven’t got order yet.

You need to reach your customers those who need your service. It would be social media or any marketing strategy. Otherwise you will not get order.
You should impress your customer. Then they will buy your service.

If able to sell your service and able to achieve much orders and able to deliver with good rating.
Within this process your GIG performance will be better than others.
When your gig perform better than your competitors , then your GIG will appear beginning of search result ( First page).
Then you will also get orders without gig marketing. Because buyers will be able to find you easily.


Change how your gig image and its description will attract the buyer and always keep online status.Also promote your gig on different social media platform.
Wish you a best of luck
Keep moving…

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Thank you so much for your tips.

Here are some suggestions for you:

  1. Pray if you believe in prayers.
  2. Create Creative gig
  3. Share your gig all social media.
  4. Every day send 10 buyer requests.
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That’s true that we should reach to the person who needs the service. Good point.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

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Don’t lose patience. Keep working. Success will come.
Have a good day
Thank you

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@blavaro if promote gig in social media is a myth, so why fiverr tell us to promote our gig

Well, it seems you did pay attention to what the video says.

It does not make much sense to share the gigs over family groups, friend’s groups, “clicking” groups. Basically what vast majority of users do. This is in no way target audience.

People here say they do everything what they can. Sharing on facebook, twitter, wherever but those who say this do not understand that posting over and over to same low potential audience (like friend, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, …) does not bring quality traffic to Gigs.