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No order in 2 month

I’m a graphic designer.
I have opened an account in Fever for 2 months. I have 4 gigs. I give a buyer request every day, but I still have no order. What can I do?
This is my fiver profile.


You can use the search feature on the Forum landing page to find an answer for “How canI get orders.”

Also, to prevent you from getting your post :black_flag:ed and then taken down I have moved it to Improve My Gig where this kind of post belongs. Tips for sellers is for experienced sellers to post tips for other sellers to learn from.


I recently signed up a few months ago, no job responses but I am very successful getting spam in my inbox every single day.


I always read all the tips of the Tip For Seller. I use them to the best of my ability. But I don’t know why there was no order.


:laughing: Many of us experience that! However, the scammers and spammers seem to pick on newbies the most. Especially a guy named Lee, who appears to be from many countries around the world. He gets banned and then makes a new account and continues with his antics! :smiling_imp:


@photocutter92 Maybe it is because there are18,635 other gigs available for the service you offer. No level sellers like yourself made 15,438 of these gigs. All of this means that there 3,197 sellers that, to the buyer, are more experienced than all of the newbies. Some of the level 1 sellers sell their services at the same cost as you do.

So what are you doing to stand out? Why would a buyer choose to hire you based on your profile and gig description?

I was on Fiverr for 45 days before I got my first order. In that time, a tweaked my profile and gig descriptions until I thought they were perfect.


I made my first gig and got the first order in 37 days. Even before I received it, I changed my description and my gig per week. After the first order, I changed my Gig description several times. I have used some advice from you before. I also reduced the price of the services provided. I can’t imagine what else to do. Anyway again, thank you so much for your words.

:grin: I got it :black_flag: :innocent:


It takes a while before you get your first order so that shouldn’t worry you. Also, buyer requests dont have very good conversion rates so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I would focus more on getting organic traffic to my gigs and maybe marketing them on social media and other platforms.


Marketing will facilitate the order.


Yes he’s been a frequent visitor in my inbox :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hello bro, I just check your image. Your image is not eye catching. Also you didn’t add any portfolio site. You are graphic designer and you didn’t add portfolio it’s kind of joking. I will suggest you for add your best work on portfolio. Portfolio will help to get orders also try to sent buyer request. This will help more and more for get order.


If you are seeing buyer request everyday, you are in good position.
Now, take the responsibility, express what you can do and why should someone hire you when sending offer to buyer requests. You will see order coming!


Your response time is 5 hours, so you need to improve your response time. I think you need to reply buyer quickly.


it is really hard to find the first customer,
I am also new here in fiverr for a month and luckily i have my first customer because i am currently leaving here in kuwait so my good luck he needs assistant to do some data entry only here in kuwait.
and still hoping to have more clients.
wish us all the best on fiverr.


Thanks to everyone, for the beautiful details.

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Spammers are so annoying… Hope Fiverr will find the way to prevent this attack…


Good news will arrive soon

Hi Litan how are you doing.

I am going to pull apart your Gigs here. Why? Because they are too generic and don’t give me the information I need to decide (from a buyers point of view) that I should buy from you.

First part, in the ABOUT THIS GIG section,

You tell me that your graphic design will boost my sales, but not HOW your designs will boost my sales.

Why you? What can YOU do that’s different from others? I don’t SEE what YOU are offering ME?

This is true for your BASIC part of your gig, but if you are offering 24 hour turn around, then offer it as part of the STANDARD and PREMIUM part of your gig as well.

What do you mean by 24H on demand? I was confused by that.

The next part is really confusing, you say in MY SERVICES that you offer brochures, twitter banners, flyers, biz cards, etc, but NONE of this relates to the GIG you offer.

So if you offer these services, make gigs for these services.

I suggest tailoring more as to WHY I need to buy a business card GIG, if you offer business cards.

Put in more SPECIFIC details about the gig, rather than ALL the other stuff you do.

In the section about as a buyer details I need to provide you, you are assuming I know what to provide you. I’ve never bought a business card before so TELL ME THE DETAILS.

I suggest, (if for example a business card)

Business card, format choose between 400 x 250 pixels or 400 x 280 pixels (not sure about biz card sizes, but you see what I suggest)

Choose from a range of colours, if unsure I can assist you with choosing up to FOUR colours (again as an example)

Please provide a logo or graphic in this size, can be JPG, PNG or PSD ( I need to, as a buyer be told what size graphic to provide you)

Please provide the content you wish to appear (make up a form for a buyer to fill out, this will be SUPER easy for business cards, but YOU will need much more detail for flyers and brochures, otherwise a buyer is REALLY going to need your help to know what to provide you)

In your gig selections your information makes it very unsure what I am getting

For example your Professional Brochure standard package is - Single Sided | Standard Quality | Print-Ready |Highly professional

As a buyer I have NO idea what this means? single sided what?, standard quality as opposed to what quality? Print ready I understand but what is Highly Professional?

Also with Standard - Awesome Single | double sided | print ready with source file | highly professional and Custom Graphics <— what am I getting???

Also with Premium - High Class Design | Premium Quality | Print Rady | Source file and unlimited revision <---- what am I getting?

Can I make some suggestions to improve your chances of getting gigs?

  1. Make your gigs VERY niche (topic) specific. For the business card for example,

I will make you a professional looking REAL ESTATE business card (you choose the niche, could be Real Estate, Fitness Instructor for P90X, Social Media Marketing Manager, etc)

Then write your About This Gig to showcase me the BENEFITS of how a REAL ESTATE business card will benefit me. You may need to deep dive research on a topic you choose to specify.

  1. I would rewrite your description as well. First you say you have a BSC in EEE, does not make you an Engineer, not a graphic artist?

Make you language sound more natural, like,

Hi there, I’m Litan, I have enthusiastically enjoyed creating graphic designs for over two years. I have many completed projects and my clients have enjoyed the results…

Something along the above.

I notice that you speak three languages, English, Bengali and Hindi. Why are you not offering those languages in your gigs? Offer that to those who speak those languages/dialects.

I sincerely hope this assists you to improve your gigs. Hit me up here in the forums if you have any questions.

Best Regards


thank you for beautiful details.

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Same positions 3 months over but still didn’t get a order

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