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NO Order in fiverr


I am a use fiverr last 25 days,and i am send daly 10 BR,but no replay any Buyer,and no any order,please someone halp me,


Heres what i usually tell new sellers:

  1. Make sure your gigs have nice, relevant images.
  2. Send your 10 proposals daily
  3. Make sure your proposals are all original and clearly address the buyers requirements
  4. Share your gigs on social media
  5. Keep your response rate to messages high. Always respond!
  6. Bid LOW, Under budget. Once you get a few jobs/reviews you can charge more.
  7. Once you start getting your first few orders things really start rolling along. Goodluck to you and be sure to checkout fiver TOS so you dont get into any trouble :sunglasses:


Thank you sir your suggestion i can try thanks