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No order in last 1 month


I am new at Fiverr. I spend last 1 month in Fiverr. but no order from clients. please help me, anybody…


It took me 45 days to get my first order. In that time I added gigs, tweaked my old gigs, and read hints on the Forum to improve my business. Please be patient. :dizzy:


Thank you so much for your advice


I take a shot at each request with 100% devotion.
That’s why I will try all the best.

Suggest you remove both of the above sentences from your profile description as they do not come across as very professional or competent.


Thank you so much for your advice


I am same problem dear


Keep working on your profile, gigs and study the Fiverr more.
Also try to make your skills more relevant to market trends. Slowly and steadily you will be getting orders. thank you


Me too i worry about order


I need orders because my financial situation is so poor that I’m trying everything I can just to get views. I need to improve my life with trying anything possible. It’s hard to catch attention