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No order in this gig Also ! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Hi everyone I am new here :grinning: :raising_hand_man:

I built the first Gig :ok_hand:
and I don’t know how to avoid cheating :man_facepalming:

Still I did not get any order from buyer. Please check my this gig.If have any problem please suggest me.
How can I promote my Gigs ?
Hoping to promote my gig in here! :pray:

my gig


you can
1,active maximum time
2.send buyer request every day

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  1. Active maximum time
  2. Send buyer request
  3. Do gig marketing
  4. Research your gig
  5. How many competitor your gig have.
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I will do that
Thank you :heart:

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I really strive to do your advice, brother
thank you very much