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No order new please help

Can not get any order going for 2 days please help me

How do you expect us to help you “get orders”? That is not our responsibility. YOU are going to need to take action to earn your orders by marketing and promoting your gig(s), and creating eye-catching gigs with great descriptions and captivating images.

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I ask this question from time to time, but what do you mean by "please help?"
It’s perfectly fine to ask for help, but just saying “help” sounds like you are begging, and not
willing to put in the time/effort to fix the problem.

I hope you are aware that not getting orders for 2 days is not unusual,it happens all the time. Not trying to scare you, but one time I had no orders for 2 weeks. It happens.
I guess me saying "come on, it’s ONLY 2 days, what’s the big deal, relax! " is not going to make you feel better, but other than tweaking/advertising and promoting your gig, I don’t think there’s much you can do about the situation.
But again, It’s only 2 days, no need to panic, relax and think about what you can/should do :pray:


2 Days are super normal time so don’t be panic if you don’t get orders for 2 days. It is absolutely normal if you are a newbie. Keep sending offers in buyer request and optimize your gigs and soon you will get orders.


I expect you to get me orders by offering the following gigs:

“I will convert my social media to a living shrine of your likeness for five dollars.”

“I will walk around a metro area delivering the news about your amazing work for five dollars.”

“I will totally cold call businesses for you…no for real… seriously, I’m not in feety pajamas watching Mattock reruns, eating cookies… for five dollars.”


I had to jump in…I think you meant Matlock and not Mattock…
I used to watch the reruns a lot back in college!!

…sorry, that’s it, OK, sorry to bug you, just wanted to let that out!! :sweat_smile:

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I am so … so ashamed of myself…

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oh dear, please don’t be!!

…now I’m wondering…do they have Matlock on Netflix??
I need to go check…

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Advertise your gig
Avoid late delivery
Apply buyer request daily

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thanks you for help.

saw a post few days ago, someone wrote he didn’t get any order for last 5 years :smile:
… sorry just joking :smiley: :smile: actually i think fiverr is very good for qualified sellers. just wait, good things take time.

Just Focus on the Skill and Improve your Gig’s details.It will bring fruit of Success!