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No Order on Fiverr!

Same here last four days…

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which means that your gigs will automatically be found with keywords when searched by the buyers/clients

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Thank you very much .

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thanks for sharing the 5 myths video. it was very interested and has really opened my eyes. thanks again

Hi Haseeb,

It’s good to know that you have completed your all the 7 gigs with different skills and you have good command over all those skills. You have not mentioned, how many days have passed since you completed 7 gigs?
Just keep promoting your gigs on social media and improve the seo titles and descriptions of your gigs so you can rank at the first page and buyers can view your gigs and make a contact with you.

You will soon receive your orders!
Good luck.

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You can share anything on LInkedIn, whether is reported as spam, deleted, etc, it’s up to the people that see it.

On LInkedIn I’m always getting invitations from other people who work on Fiverr, I always reject them, I know they want access to my contact list, and I refuse to let them do that.

I suppose you could share your Fiverr links on relevant articles. So if there’s an article about logos, you can share your link, but I would make an effort in making intelligent comments as opposed to “I can design logos for you!”

Have you ever done a YouTube video? I hate being on camera, but love looking at them. I see videos for everything, like how to put in the battery in X dashcam, how to write a resume, etc.


Bro don’t worry I got the first order after a month


Hi Hasib,
Getting no orders is such a common issue as almost everyone on this forum and on this platform has faced. This is part of the job. Once our work starts, the clients get to know our worth and they don’t go anywhere if they are satisfied and happy with our service.
Keep doing your best effort. Send buyer requests regularly. Share your gigs on social media to get more views and impressions. Improve your gig images, SEO titles and description. You will soon get your orders.
All the best for your continued success.


You are offering advice as if you are a seller. You have no gigs on display.

“On LInkedIn I’m 43always getting invitations from other people who work on Fiverr, I always reject them, I know they want access to my contact list, and I refuse to let them do that.” But why? What is the problem if we accept ???

Well, I can tell you one thing I’ve noticed - it’s “scraping” / scrape emails, not “scrapping” / scrap. To scrap something in English means to dismantle it in order to throw it in the garbage. :slight_smile:

That said, @genuineguidance hit the nail on the head - you’re competing in a very crowded space - you have a ton of competitors with more reviews, and you’re not giving your buyers any reason to differentiate you from those competitors. I’d encourage you to consider marketing as a niche - maybe a gig where you will just represent restaurants, or just represent a clothing brand. Chances are, no one’s really targeting anything that specific, so you have a chance to differentiate yourself in a smaller “pool” of providers.


Send buyer requests everyday and optimize your gigs , check the competitors but dont copy them !

If you accept, they might spam the people you know.

“Hi! I see you’re a friend of John. I’m Bill, I’d like to offer you my services in…”

I don’t think my contacts would like that.

same to you…

Persistence is the key to success in every aspect of our life, success in Fiverr is not an exception. You’ve to stick on developing the quality of your gigs and experience on the services you offer. Staying online is another important factor for becoming successful and getting an order. Sending buyer request understanding the requirements of buyers may bring your first order. The most important thing is to keep up the good work, be patient, and don’t lose hope.