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No order on four years' old Fiverr account

Hi everyone!
I signed up on Fiverr during 2017. After few days, I stopped operating the account due to heavy engagement in my regular official business. After losing my job, I revived my Fiverr account abt four months back and actively involved in Fiverr activities. But I became very disappointed for not getting even a single order. Although, I am receiving some buyers’ requests on daily basis, and I am giving them best offers, but not getting any order. I had no choice except to revive and use my initial account. Perhaps, this was the biggest mistake that I created an account in 2017 and allowed it to become defunct for such a long time. I am continuously trying to attract buyers but not getting success. I’ll be immensely grateful if I get good advices on this crucial issue. Thank you in anticipation…


The age of your account matters very little. My account was one and a half years old when I started selling on Fiverr, and that did not hold me back. It is all about what you offer and how you offer it.

Here is a link that might help you improve your responses to Buyer Requests:

Remember to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes when responding to Buyer Requests. Think about what would make you hire someone.

Also, a little marketing tip: Emphasize the great and low price of your translation gig in your gig thumbnail. Your current price is the greatest strength of your gig right now as a new seller. That is something that is easy to compete on. Make your pricing clear in the thumbnail, so buyers do not have to click into your gig to know that you have the lowest prices around.

One last thing: Why does your Standard Package offer 3000 words at $10, while your Basic Package offers 2000 words at $5? It is inconsistent, and as a buyer, it makes me think that you cannot do simple math. I know it is petty, but that is what a buyer thinks when they see that.


Deliver better work, and you will get better ratings. Work on your thumbnails and your gig descriptions. Make them stand out more. Right now, your gig descriptions are very generic. You need to convince the buyer to order from you instead of the thousands of other sellers in the same category.

Work on your marketing skills and business communication. Read books and take online or offline courses if necessary.

Please create your own thread to get advice from other forum members. It is rude to hijack another person’s thread. I should not have responded to you, but I did since I am in a good mood. :slight_smile:


I am very grateful to you for taking time to study and give your valuable suggestions on my concern including one of my important gigs. These are very useful to me. I am surely going to implement your suggestions. Thank you once again!

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Hey Guys! First order has since been received and task successfully completed to the satisfaction of the buyer…I am specifically grateful to @vibronx for his expert advice on the concern initially shared by me. His words really encouraged me a lot. So I kept on working and making efforts to improve my gigs and attract the attention of buyers. The first order that I got is a great booster for me. I am updating this info just to let others like me on the forum know and understand that your hard work and passion of getting anything will give you fruitful results one day, this is but sure. So keep patience on Fiverr, and don’t hesitate or be reluctant in pushing your efforts and work in the right direction. Let me see when I am going to get the next order. Anyways keep on moving guys and exploit your talent to the fullest. Thank you!..