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No order on gig having 300+ reviews

My best selling gig having 20K impressions dropped to 1K in 2 weeks .

What can be the problem, is there any updates being done or what.
Please help
thank you


I used to have impressions like that, sales were good. But it gradually dropped to just 5, 6 impressions a day. Now only getting sales from repeat buyers.

Share your gig in social media

Have you tried searching for your gig and seeing if it is still visible in the search? My gig was missing from search and customer service had to fix it.

My gig is not in search since 3 months, i did contacted them but they said that it is automatically placed in search according to orders on that gig.
I have edited it many times and shared on social media as well, Please help what can i do.

I did, but still no results. Its been 3 months its not shown in search as well.