No order On My first Gigs :( Why?


Hello Fiverans I am new here !!! I am trying to understand how fiverr work !! I have lots of experience and work in developing area but when i publish my first gigs then no body look my gigs :open_mouth: !!
I am offering good service but as a new member no one knock me :frowning: !!

Then i try to connect some old fiverrans but they said NO !!! they can’t help me :slight_smile:

How can i improve and establish myself as a good Fiverans ???


If you mean you’re messaging other Fiverr users to ask for help (on the main Fiverr site) then you’re putting your account at risk by sending unrequested messages which could be reported as spam, and you’re putting the recipients’ response times/rates in jeopardy as well, which is really unfair. :frowning_face:

I had a look at your gigs - they seem very specialised, and users who need your service may not actually know what to search for to find you. It’s almost like your buyers need to know and understand the language you’ve used in your gig description before they would order your services. Chances are if they did understand the language used they might well have the knowledge needed to fix their errors without hiring you as they may well be developers themselves.

Is there any way you could make your gig descriptions easier to understand for somebody who isn’t an expert in your field? I might want your services but wouldn’t realise it as I’d struggle to understand what you offer.

Hope this helps! :sunny:


I am facing the same problem. I guess no one want to employ someone without a review. But if no one gives me any order then how can I have a review in the first place? It is frustrating


I am facing the same problem, I believe that one day I will be successful with my skill and hard work !!


You can follow all the suggestions here. In the meantime, you can read some informative blog on google. You will get more information on getting orders to a new gig. Never lose the patience. Keep on. Good wish for you.


I will advice you to go through this post and keep following it. I believe after doing what is required there you will see great changes.
Topic: How to make level 2 seller within 2 month
Check it out in fiverr forum ( my experience)


Thank you vary much !! ITs help me :slight_smile:


ThnX !! I know one day it will start :slight_smile:


Hey !! I am published My New Gigs !! And try to more define wt i want to offer my buyer !! And its all about to encourage ur post !!!

Thnx Man !! I think its will be work


Hi Everyone I am also new to Fiverr and I am from Jamaica. I have 3 gigs, I get alot of impressions, views and clicks but no orders.:confused: I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


Why don’t you listen to lloydsolution’s advice?

We can help you if you’re spamming the forum and don’t follow instructions.


My apologizes not my intention still try to find my way around