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No order on my gig where i got much before

Hi guys. I have some issue with my gig orders. Hope i will find my answer.
I have 4 gigs where one of them is Fitness Flyer gig. On this gig i completed many orders before but past 2-3 months i didnt get any orders. My friend said i have to promote myself. I share my gig link to socials but no response. Thank you.

Ups and down are a part of life and this apply to the Fiverr as well. You might have heard this saying “Someone’s loss is someone’s gains”.

Its not only you but if you spend sometime here, you will get to know that you are not alone in this. You have been backed by several other sellers facing the same experience. I myself too have seen extreme lows and extreme highs and now I am used to it.

So, you should also make it a part of your life. You can’t always continue the streak of getting orders. It will broke and this is done to allow other sellers to sell their service and get exposure. Fiverr algorithm is unpredictable and the development team always try to improve and bring new experiences to us.

I hope this explains it well!!


People are full of advice on other posts on how to promote gigs outside of Fiverr.
But very few tell you how to do it, in fact most of them don’t promote.
Doing so is very counter productive. If you have a web site create a landing page where
you sell your service and indirectly promote your gig. This what I do.
NEVER directly promote a gig using ad $'s, only your service.

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Yes i understand. Thank you for the reply!

I see Thank you for the reply!

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You have increase impression and clicks for to get order by share the gigs

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Can you please tell me exactly where should I share for real clicks?

Yup, I’m also facing this problem. I’m now totally job less in fiverr.