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No Order on my gigs :(

this my 4 days i’m on fiverr. no order come, its normal? :frowning: or maybe my gigs not good?
here my gigs

please tell me if i’m doing wrong when create my gigs?


Check out this link hope it will help you!

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4 days? Many people waited months to get their first order. Just be patient.

As i review your profile, you just open 4 gig. as you are a new seller you open 7 gig. So, Open another 5 gigs. it will help you to get the sale. Also, in your gig description doesn’t have enough information, where customer get details Idea of your service. So, correction it. A good description also help your gig for ranking…

Gig Rank policy:

  1. Research your service keyword, which helps you to rank your gig on fiverr search engine.
  2. Do your gig image SEO friendly.
  3. Keep marketing your gig on social media.
  4. Try to keep online your profile 24/7
  5. Make your nice gig title with effective keywords.
  6. Send daily 10 buyer requests.

Thanks for your understanding…

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