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No Order please help anyone

I have not received any orders for some time. Can anyone tell me what my problem is?

please check My profile

  1. First of all you create logo with templates probably another 100 sellers use aswell
  2. This is the most competitive industry on fiverr and from my point of view if you are not a professional you cant survive
    Try improve your skills and portofolio and try creating original logos from 0
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Wow harsh hey graphic980 may be you want to create a facebook or instagram business page and promote your gigs there overall any social media platform and joining groups with those who are looking for your service or have an interest in line of work. Even blogging about or specialty. These are some of the strategies I use in my online business which I don’t mean to brag earns me lumps of cash…don’t mean to brag. If your interested in the business model I’m in consider this an invite to my inbox

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Thanks for give me tips

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okay come to the chat box Thank