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No order please help

I’m started fiverr on October. But till I don’t have order.five gigs I have what can I do for getting orders.please sujjest me your experience and guidance. You can check my Fiverr account.waiting for your reply


The real Q is not “why didn’t I get orders?” but should be “what did I do to deserve orders?”

Why would someone choose you over every other person lined up with a gig similar to yours? Now I haven’t looked at your Gigs at all (hint link em or you are asking me not only to do the work to help you but to do the work to find your Gigs - that is some good advice right there) but I bet that if I did I would probably find generic gigs for stupidly low prices; nothing to indicate that I was looking at a master of their craft.

If so, what the odds of your getting chosen when there are a trillion others lined up just like yours all saying they are better and cheaper. Never showing how they are even any good at what they do, let alone a great solution for my problem.



Here are the problems:

  • Unlimited revisions (remove that)
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed (Also remove that)

Those two combined with low prices will only get you bad buyers and the trouble that comes with it.


  • correct your about the seller description and your Gig descriptions…But especially your about the seller description. My eyes hurts after trying to read that. I can’t help you with the correction, there is just so many things wrong with it, that pointing them all out would take too much time.

Overall, just a quick look at your gigs give me the impression that you didn’t put much time and thoughts into them. You need to look more professionnal.


I think its already tough time (at least for me) for fiverrs, so hang on tight, orders will come.
In the meanwhile, polish your skills and think what skills do you have that others don’t that can benefit buyer.
If you have that niche, you will be rocking.

the same thing happened with me… two bad buyers came and just created a joke the didn’t tell anything well…
its totally a waste of time :frowning:

Wow so you are now asking how to get orders when you were giving advices to other sellers recently on getting orders. Such an amazing person you are @jazirnk
and let me guess the certifications you mentioned are probably lies even.

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do your gig marketing