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No order received. But Why?

I am trying best to get order. But I do not get any order till now. And my gig is in good rank .Please suggest me to get good rank & gig quality so that I can get order.


can be helpful See these tips.
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Hopefully its help :slight_smile:


In case you are really wondering why: you don’t have samples in your portfolio at all and prices higher than average so of course no one will order from you without knowing what they will get.


As per advice I could modify price. As a new I offered service at low rate. But I do not know where I would add sample in portfolio. Please show me with “screenshot” picture. Thanks:heart_eyes:


I can not show you with a screenshot because I work in a different industry and it’s actually not up to me to explain how to run your business.

However instead of your low quality pictures in your gallery you’d better add pictures of the websites that you created. Simple as that.


fix your prices, noticed that your gigs are also having low quality thumbnails and no videos , its recommended using videos for high conversion rate !


Please give me suggestion price range and gig contents as a new . And As soon as possible I would include high quality thumbnails picture and video.

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You need to figure these things out for yourself. What price are your target customers willing to pay? What is the work you deliver worth to you, and to your customers? Once you figure these things out, you’ll have a good idea at what price range to price your services.

YOU are the businessman behind your gigs. YOU need to do the market research to determine what works for you, and what helps to grow YOUR gigs.


Customers need social proof to buy from you. You should put a sample of your work on your portfolio.

Get inside the learn from fiverr platform and enroll freely in Online Freelancing Essentials to get a badge on your profile it will help you to get order

I suggest for you.

  1. Skill development
  2. Attractive Gig with banner
  3. I suggest you everyday min 2-3 hours time spent on Fiverr forum, regular basis. Also share your motivational post and see problem post with reply her suggest for solution.
  4. Marketing
  5. blog write your service related

I believe that I hope will you get something

Thank You

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Thank you so much!!!

i think its the best way to rank my gigs, thank you so much

You are in incredibly competitive markets.

Never create a gig until you know your competition.

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thanks but i have already created my gigs

You can create other gigs that aren’t so competitive. You can still research and adapt your gigs to make them less competitive.

I can’t stress enough the importance of researching your market.


Welcome :slight_smile:

you welcome :slight_smile: