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No Order Sad Today :(

today’s i’m waiting for order but nobody gives i m sad today every day i m waiting but no response

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Don’t worry friend… Thats the business… Once upon a time I used to earn huge amount of $ from here. But now :frowning:


There is a lot of competition in the fiverr.
Stand out from other services and have little competition with the same market.

Depending on what service products you sell.
Actually there may be something wrong with your gigs

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Being sad worth nothing !

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Sad Bro,keep struggling,improve your gigs that may helps you.

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You opened your account in February 2018 and you are sad?

Soaking yourself in sadness is the first step to failure. Work on yourself continuously. Tweak things, learn more skills, advertise. Do everything you can. Stop waiting and expecting sympathy. The only people that will sympathize with you are people that are in the same shoes as you are.

Be proactive!


“You opened your account in February 2018 and you are sad?”

Lol that’s rich…got a good laugh from that one :joy: