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No order since 10 day

Last month i got 7 orders but , since 10 days no message, no order.
No order for 10 days.Suggest me point from below >>>

  1. Update gig pricing
  2. Update Key-words
  3. Keep Unchanged and wait

Do not often changes in your gig,when you change something in your gig then your gig disappear from search result from 24-48 hours.
Send offers to buyer requests, it is a great way to get orders if you do not have organic orders.
Best wishes for your future orders.


Thanks for your given answer

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Do all three things one by one… on alternate days keep doing this.


Can you please see the coment of @hinajehan

Just be patient. You will get work asap.

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Be patient and the fruits of patience are very sweet.

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Personal experience:
I was patient for 3 years (yeah, I forgot I had an account on Fiverr) and I received 0 requests. So, I don’t understand how be patient can help you to find customers. Indeed, as soon as I started to work on my gigs, reading this forum and some articles online about keywords and yadda yadda, I had my very first order.

Don’t wait. Study how to improve your gigs, send relevant offers to buyers request and differentiate your gigs. That’s the best advice I can give and it worked - for me.

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Best Answer. I liked the answer how you presented.Thanks

Keep Unchanged and wait

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shear your gig at social media and everyday send 10 buyer request. all The best.

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Thanks for your suggetion.

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okay good day…

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