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NO Order since 2Months


I am a fiverr seller since October till date ,

I have not got a single order please help me

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First of all, Be patient. You are seller from just 1 month or less. Please keep in mind, the market is now so much competitive and challenging. You should follow the fiverr forum and read different topic so that you can understood how can you’ll be succeed.Improve your self regular and follow the tips, tricks post in forum.


Aright thanks brother for your contribution

Be patient you can’t get success over a night, you don’t have any order to work on so you should learn a new skill or increase your ability in the field you are working on it will help you in the future @jonahandrew

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You said you are a new seller (since October till date) this means you have to wait for some times for getting new orders.

Now you can do this works for your gigs ranking:

  1. Active 12-13 hours in Fiverr
  2. Make all the 7 gigs and publish at a time (all together).
  3. Optimize your gigs perfectly.
  4. Send all (10) buyer request every day.
  5. While sending buyer request to your client/buyer offer your services and say will also do some bouns works for him/her
  6. Share your links on twitter and facebook twice a day.

Hope soon you will see good results.


Perfect I’m up and greatful for your ideas and contributions

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