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No order since 3 years

its been long time i get good impressions but i dont get any order heres my gig link if i need any improvement hmu


Woah, you haven’t got any order for 3 years?? This thread can be very helpful for you

Take action and make a step.


Check this out if you want some tips on how to have more success:

i did not even get a first order how can i take rejected orders

thanks much helpful!

Not sure what that means, but the main takeaway from that post is that you need to react to what is happening.

If Fiverr is not sending leads your way right now then maybe you need to rethink and retool your gigs and profile.

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You seo is not upto mark
Try using keywords a lot and choose a lower composition area

Thank you for taking the time to write this, but seems like you are a brand new account with 0 sales.

So whatever it is you are suggesting, doesn’t seem to be working for you (if you are actually following your own advice).

So how will it work for them?

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Thank you :heart_eyes:

Remove that endless list from your description. Scrap that description. Tell people why they need your services and what ordering from you will do for them.

Remove that text about contacting me first. you are creating roadblocks to ordering by having that there. Each roadblock is going to impact conversions and at this point in time you need to get sales any way you can.

In your gig image tell people what they can expect instead of what services you provide.

Remove the endless revisions as people are going to abuse that.

Go and look at what your competitors are doing with their gigs that are getting sales and offer something better. Its all well and good telling people you can do xyz but you have to tell them why they need XYZ and why you are the best thing since ice cream.

There are a LOT of new sellers on here and the bottom line is buyers are going round asking everyone questions and then in many cases placing orders with people who are going to give their family away to get an order. This isn’t speculation. You don’t just need to provide better services. You also need to show people why they should order from you in your gig description & why your services are better Just providing a list is not going to work.

You have to sell your services, not just describe them.

Once you have done this go and start replying to buyer requests and reply to offers on there. Don’t use some template reply to every request either.

If you were creative enough you might be able to get this to sell on TikTok as well but you would need a landing page for that.


Indeed. That’s exactly why I linked your thread to this.

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thankyou it helped alot

Hey there, I think your list of services on virtual assistant should be made into separate gigs for each separate service you do