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No order since i have joined Fiverr

I have been a seller since march 2020. I did my best to promote my Gigs through social media, regular checking buyers request, etc. I got no order since I have joined Fiverr. Please suggest measures to improve my Gigs and suggest ways to get my first order.

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Hi, FIverr is a very competitive market, tons of sellers doing the same services as you. And you just join 2 months ago, there are sellers who didn’t get order for like years

  • And from your gig…
  1. what is the purpose of making an attractive and stunning QR code, TBH, it can be easily done online, just changing the colours
  2. The youtube thumbnails, there are too many top rated sellers doing the same things and their gig profile page is actually attractive and stunning… your profile gig dont looks attractive and professional ( no offence)
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Thanks for the criticism! I will do my best to improve my gigs

First change attitude and be patience second don’t think that anyone should spoon feed you, do your homework and study the market.

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It is not the matter of patience. As a new seller in fiverr every one might have the same curiosity, lack of knowledge about this market, lot of doubts, etc. I have seen this Forum as a platform for learning the doubt clearances. Thank you

patient is need to get success

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Be patient to received the order… do to send buyer request with proper description as per projects… hope you got order if the seller is like your service… All the best.