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No order since last few days after huge orders in past 30 days

Hi, This is Sadi. I’ve some excellent sales from mid January to mid February. All the orders have finished last week but from than I’ve not getting any new orders. I’ve discovered 2 points there. Number 1, My “DELIVERED ON TIME” has been reduced so badly as it comes to 48 !! Due to high work pressure I’ve not able to deliver few works in a row in time. That’s why it drops and I think they’ll be a reason. Also the second one is I’ve updated my gig by adding packages. Is it can be a reason of reduce sale ? I’ve been confused about the fact .

Not good to deliver late. Fiverr will reduce your sales from this.
Yes if you change your gig you can get a drop in sales but it’s temporary.

OMG!! Now what I need to do overcome it ?

Simple. Deliver your next orders on time, and deliver quality work that is worthy of a 5-star review.

Thank you so much.