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No order since Level One

Hi, I was getting daily 2-3 orders on Fiverr when I was New (0 Level) but since the day Im promoted to Level 1, I am unable to get any order from the last month. Do you know what is the issue? my gigs are active and I am sending offers to the buyer requests on daily basis but still no response.

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Are you taking the time to connect to the people who need your services, and showing them how you can solve their problems? Orders don’t appear by magic – you have to earn them by being the best seller for the job.

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same here :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Im online 24/7 same as I was when I was not level one seller.

Being online 24/7 does not guarantee orders. Like I said, what are you doing to connect to your target customers? Sitting around waiting for them to place orders, is not a connection.

what would you suggest? currently I am:

  1. Being online 24/7
  2. Making maximum offers to buyer requests (very affordable and with UNLIMITED REVISIONS offer)
  3. My response was very quick (100%) but now no messages in inbox since last month

I was doing the same steps prior when I was LEVEL 0, but that time I was receiving 2-3 orders daily. What is changed I don’t know.