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No order since level one!


I was getting one to two order per day since I joined Fiverr but ever since I got promoted to level One I am not getting any orders. I maintained an excellent rating with only 2 mutual cancellations. Is there a logical explanation for this? Is this normal?I have not withdrawn any amount yet is there some limit?

Please help.


There is no limit to your fund withdrawal. If you use Paypal, I usually suggest waiting until you have at least $50 to take out. PP charges a fee of 2% of the amount transferred, to a maximum of $1.00 ($50 or more).

As to why no sales…that’s hard to say. Your gigs may have shown up in search results under “new”, and maybe now they’re not there because you’ve been promoted. Fiverr 3.0 seems to have altered the search algorithm; lots of people have seen a large drop in sales, but certainly not everyone. Fiverr does seem to still rotate gigs in and out of the search results, though, so your gigs just may not be showing up right now, but then they will again. It could be seasonal change. Retail business of all kinds have rhythms of ups and downs in sales.

Do a forum search to discover new ways to optimize and promote your gigs to make up for the slack.


Thank you


It happened to me too when I just got promoted to level one, no orders for almost a week and I got nervous. But then It got better.


Its been 2 weeks for me. I can’t figure out why?

Also there is this update your profile thing on my to do list which doesn’t go away although I have update my profile description.