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No order since negative review

I created my first gig in Feb 2020 and got my first order in April. I was doing pretty good till I got negative review (1.7) that makes my overall rating to 4.2 (unable to send buyer request). Since then my gigs are showing on last pages of the search and my gigs impression are almost zero.

In last 3 months I have only received 3 orders from my old clients that has improve my rating to 4.5 (still not able to send buyer request) but no order from any new client. I am also posting my gig on different social media networks but that did not help me too.

kindly help me, do I need to delete this profile and start from scratch or just leave it as it is.

You need to have permission from Customer Support to do so.

Honestly, I am not sure that creating a new profile would turn out any differently for you. Two of your customers have indicated that your work is not of very high quality. Therefore, I suggest that you work on your skills to make sure that you can actually deliver something of professional quality. Otherwise, you are going to continue to get negative reviews.


Thanks for your reply,

In the last three months since I didn’t get any order, I am working on improving my skills. Now I have enough confidence in my work that I will deliver quality work and but unfortunately I am not getting any order.
Tell me how to get order?

@vibronx Me also would like to know this. I had a big order this week, earned 100$, today I noticed I had a flat tire, can not repair it, had to get a new one, cost 100$. So … back to the starting point.


It is your job to figure that out, not mine.

Read the forum to find some helpful tips. Here are some good threads to get started:

It may also help you to look up some effective marketing tips …

dear @marinapomorac congress on your 100 doller oder but also am sorry hear aboot ur tire … i think u stay online 24/7 or maybe even 8 and u share ur gig in sociel media u wil get oder an also maybe find a cellar in feverr who does an auto repeir for $5 or maybe get fiber business subscripe and they wil recomend u beter cellar of auto repair … replay 2 buyer request 10 time a day remember this and u will get older … surely