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No Order Since Publishing the Fiver GIG!

@humanissocial i have never intention to spam anything… i am just try to describe my skills. nothing else… i don’t understand how describe my own skills… that’s the problem, because i am new here…

@humanissocial if its spmmy gigs…so now i am deleting my gigs…

Stop using your newness an excuse. All you to know is right from wrong and follow the ToS.

If you can’t tell the difference between spamming and marketing, you shouldn’t be selling marketing.

I repeat: spamming is not s skill and you didn’t “describe” anything. Your gig says you follow Facebook rules and it doesn’t say that you are spamming and it implies that you actually have an audience of millions. You don’t.

Don’t play innocent. You are tricking people and then spamming groups.

I am reporting this. It is a bannable offense.

Look up how to delete your gig. Go to the Gig page, click the box before the gig and a delete button will appear. Click it.

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@humanissocial thank you

plese is it possible to paste gig link here?

No, @zara_pro1, you may not promote your gig here. Doing so is against the forum rules. The only place you can promote your gig on the forum, is in the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum.

If looking for this gig link is what you meant this account now appears to have gone.