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No Order so far Still I am looking for my first order

Still I am looking for my first order.


well, wish you best of luck…be active on fiverr forum and send buyer request regularly

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work hard inshallah you will get :innocent:


Don’t give up brother,

  • Be active 24 hours
  • Send regular 10 buyer request
  • Marketing your gigs.

Hope you will get success ASAP.


Me too but im not looking my FIRST order like this.

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Finding the first order of a new seller on Fiverr marketplace is one of the most difficult chapters in the world. How much patience you have and show activities is a big fact, and as a new seller keeping the price table low is an ideal way and provide service + facilities more then take minimum payment.

Noooo, people need to sleep

Hello Brother
Make a standard portfolio and work for your skill sharper.
Hope you will get your first order soon.

Just be patient. you will get your first oder soon. Its pretty normal and nothing to wory about. As long as you are getting impressions, someone will soon order.