No order so far , totally out of order


I used to have orders in ques before and turned to be a level one seller and i have a best seller gig, I had to pause my account for some reason. After i came back , there is nothing it has been months without orders for me. Please help me guys with tips. kind of desperate.


I have a similar problem. I had also a lot of orders in que, but for month now I have not any orders.


hm hope fiverr… give us a hand.


Same for me. It has been the most quiet 3 weeks since I started. Used to get constant orders everyday or at least every two days. Now no buyer even messages me. Kind of weird to be honest.


I Have Same Problem. Previous Month I Got More Orders But This Month I have not a single Buyer Message. I am so Confused…:cry:


Hi, having the same or nothing in regards of order notta any msg.from the buyer’s