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No order till now though my gigs are at 1st & 2nd page

Hi there,
I started my journey with fiverr first of this month (october). Though my gigs have ranked at 1st and 2nd page but still now I didn’t have any order. It is almost 23rd days running. I am sending buyer request with my details but no response. My profile link is HERE.
My gig which ranked 1st page is HERE
My gig which ranked 2nd page is HERE
My gig which ranked 3rd page is HERE


Move your topic in correct category which is either “Improve My Gig” or “My Fiverr Gigs” please.


Well many times it happens that gig showing in first page but not getting order. There have two major reason. First possibly your category is not correct. another reason is keyword. the keyword you are using may not common or buyer never search with this keyword.


Well, both category and keyword are similar with my gig. Has there any other reasons?

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Don’t steal OP’s topic for your own promotion and remove the link from your post please.

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@blavaro You should have a positive psychology.

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keep patience success will come soon inshaallah. best of luck


What is that supposed to mean? Was it an attempt to insult me?

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@abm_abdullah Thanks. I like such types of sentence.

@blavaro No, exactly thats not. Giving link does not mean that I want to improve my gig. I already said that I ranked 1st & 2nd pages. so there hasn’t any necessary of improving my gig. Just try to understand it.

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I understand but can not help you with that.

What I do not like is that @joyustcian use your topic for their own promotion when linking their profile.

@joyustcian should remove the link from their post and everything is alright.

This is your topic with your Gigs and profile and none should use it for their own things.


@blavaro uff! sorry I thought you mentioned me. However It was a misunderstanding & we may stop it here.

thank you. i didn’t know that. i removed it. thanks again

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maybe your price point doesn’t match to buyer price points, my gigs are on the first page but i am getting less sale because of price. speaking from experience.

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Your Performance is good.
You should continue stay 24 hrs in Fiverr.
thank You.

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yes am agree with this

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Facing same situation. Hope to get order soon. :innocent:


Inshallah, waiting for the best.