No order till now!


I have made a gig on my account related to logo designing and I haven’t got any order. Although, my gig is having good impressions and clicks
Here is the link to my gig :

Can anybody let me know what to do?


send offers to buyers request daily and try to stay online Max hours a day,
if your gig getting clicks and impression, Than Review your gig description, make it more impressive


find your customer, promote your gig like SMM, Email marketing & write killer buyer request.
good luck
thank you


You can use seo way to promote your gigs.
Or buy ppc adword if you want quick results


Hope get soon. :muscle:


Hello Manjit01,

I had a look to your Gig, and I noticed something really… wrong in the third picture of your gallery.

Being Italian, I can safely say that you used an inappropriate term.

Guess what.

I assume that this was unintentional but, at least to avoid bad reactions or mocking, my suggestion is to edit that logo as soon as possible.


Fiverr isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. You have to keep at it, day in, day out. It took me months for my first order and I’ve never looked back since.


As I know we can’t use Adwords to promote gigs.
It is against Fiverr TOS.


fiverr s the big market or bazaar for talent in fiverr very talented people are available you have to seen the fiverr I AM THE BEST then get offer soon don’t worry relax


I think your gig title is very vague ‘I will design something that takes 24 hours and lasts forever’. I personally, as a buyer, will be put off by the use of the word ‘something’, signalling that the seller is not even sure of what he will be designing. No offense, just my personal opinion to make the title more specific.