No Order To My Gig


Hi All Friends No Order For My Fiverr GIG Please Help Me


Here you go! The rest is up to you :wink:


For some this means a major attack on their attention span :wink:


And that doesn’t count in the time you spend when you click any of those links like Fiverr Academy :smiley:


I have the same situation, But My friend tell me waiting is also fun… So wil wait to first job :slight_smile:


@editingboy when you come back we will test you to make sure you read all of that.


Then it will not be necessary for him anymore to aks this questions :slight_smile:


I doubt he will be back.


6 days on Fiverr and not one bloody order? Something must be wrong, and it isn’t just with me using the word “bloody”. Maybe the holiday season in the US is interfering with the steady10-order-per-day pipeline we all had in our first week.