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No order update notification



Yesterday I had two orders(coincidentally or not) coming from the same buyer where I kind of missed the buyer’s updates for a few hours because I wasn’t notified in any way. Eventually that wasn’t a problem for the buyer, I was still delivering between the agreed time frame, everything was ok. But now I’m afraid this might happen again and since I have a rather busy day, it’s not quite happy about checking each open order from time to time.

(Btw, I also have the Fiverr app on my phone so if I’m working and not able to see my browser, I still get the notifications)

I’m sharing this because 1.maybe some of you have encountered the same issue before and maybe have an explanation and also because 2. you may want to know this, specially if you have express delivery orders in queue.

Thank you and keep an eye on your orders!:slight_smile:


Notifications and messages are very hit or miss here. I sat for an hour refreshing pages because I was given the impression I should expect an immediate response from a buyer. I gave up, but when I signed in much later in the day, the message was time stamped during the time I was waiting on-site. I got the email notice of the message late the NEXT day. I don’t use the app at all; why add another link to a flimsy chain?

I have set all of my deadlines way longer than I need and even my extra fast extras are extended. But all it takes is for a buyer to order multiples of the basic gig and my elaborate scheme of headache avoidance is down the drain.

The best defense/offense is to literally sign in and out of the site several times per day, (while cache-clearing in between) and that’s far from flawless - it’s definitely inconvenient!

Such is Fiverr. :slight_smile:


Oh gosh…I don’t know if it’s because I’m lazy or not but I really don’t like clearing the cache:)

Thank you!


Reply to @ruxandradraws: You’re welcome!