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No order via search more then one month!


Hello Fiverr community, I really want to share that I have no order via search tags I am getting some meager order about 1 or 2 order via buyer request section…

How’s your experience? I am really disappointed and not feel good.


Is that you in the photo? I found the same profile description at another platform, but the photo was different; the photo you’re using here seems to be all over Internet, on numerous websites. It doesn’t inspire trust, especially since you offer design.


yes this is happening with me too, i have read somewhere that there is a problem with fiverr algorithm


Don’t tell me you missed it? If you’ve got the odd hour to spare, this’ll keep you busy! :slight_smile:


#i think this topic is interesting.


I don’t think photo will show on search algorithm, there is only gig photos show when any one write tags or search terms…

so this is not related to photos at all :smirk:


When they do find you via the search tags, they might check out your gigs (your profile photo will show up then), and then give up and choose someone else because that’s not you in the photo.

If you’re saying that your gigs don’t show up in search at all, check out the link that @offlinehelpers posted.

I’ve checked out your bestselling gig, at least a part of the description is copied from a few other websites, and you’re using a URL that’s not on the allowed list. I’m not sure whether it affects the ranking of your gig, but you may wish to change all that (write your own description instead, stop using a URL that isn’t allowed) before Fiverr denies your gig.


Yeh I have checked my gigs are shown on search results but not first page only one gig show at first page not all…


Oky I just removed unallowable url link form my gig description also I am not sure about copied description


Not all gigs can show in the first page of the search I’m afraid, it’s just not possible if there are more gigs than first page spaces. :slight_smile:

And, you’ve had a few feedbacks for the last month, so that’s great! :slight_smile:


Your gig: “Position yourself as an expert in your industry with this modern and professional speaker one sheet, Communicate your experience and expertise to publicists, event directors and organizations.”

Scroll down this link:

Or this one:

There are others, too.

Write your own gig descriptions. Use only your own images (preferably something you have created from scratch, to show what you can really do). Use your own profile picture, or a logo you have created yourself (again, from scratch). Anything else is dishonest, and might make buyers believe that they won’t receive unique work from you.

Also, copying someone else’s work, in part or in whole, might get you in trouble with Fiverr, too.


Maybe the person whose description you copied might not be too happy? Also, you’re using the word ‘trust’ in your profile - buyers need to be able to trust you…


@golden_jenney I see that you have changed your profile picture.

Unfortunately, you have changed it to this:

Please stop using other people’s photos as your profile picture.


I didn’t get one single order from search engine in over a month either. The only orders I got were through Buyers Requests. I did refuse one order one time and I think this affected my ranking. I think you are more successful than me. Good luck :slight_smile:


I think order refusing in not the problem, I just figured out that Fiverr have very complex ranking system that immediately effects any one’s ranking when order late, delay in replay response rate also keywords will also need to adjust after some time to get ride of search engine ignorance.