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No order with Graphic Designing and LOGO

I think that there are many work on fiverr to do for LOGO designing and graphic designing but two months ago no order place on my gig. Can anyone help me to get my first order on fiverr and also to write an effective buyers request and pricing


Promote gigs on social media.
Send buyer requests, be precise to what buyer is asking

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share your experience about an effective buyers request

You could also check this article, it may help improve your gig: How to get #1 SEARCH SPOT - Gig Optimisation - MUST READ

All the best!

I would be glad to design _____ for you and will meet all your specifications and expectations. Believe me, I will amaze you by my creativity and ideas and my designs are really going to stand out. You can inbox me for all your concerns. I will charge $___ for and will provide you ________ in X days. Hope this makes sense. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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Dear share your experience about an effective buyers request

I just saw your gigs. I cant see professionalism there. See you are competing with almost 100k sellers in Graphic designing field. You should make your gigs at least as a competion to other good gigs in your category.

you also an good teacher kindly sir give me suggestions about my LOGO designing gig to improve

I made my gig with my best effort if you find any mistake and need to be correction just guide me I am thankful to you for this favour

Do research about what buyers usually look for . Make your gig niche specific. Spend time on research and you will learn many things.

I have also make an video for logo design and trust me I have an certified team but two months ago in loss


Fiverr doesn’t allow using stars in GIG images so you need to erase them. If you search forum you will find many users whos gigs were put on hold due to five stars in the image.

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Hi mam,
I can’t understand what you want to suggest me kindly share a link and at least tell me in which picture you saw stars I am thankful to you for this favour

I have been on fiverr for years, there are days when I get 5 or 6 inquiries and then there are weeks when I get nothing. In the down periods, I make better cards, I try to work on my gigs, I update them with the best examples I have. I take the time to make sure the gigs thumbnail really pops in the search. I look at how mine looks in the search for keywords that people might use.

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I can do that easily but what puzzles me is why you can not go on your profile and see your GIG images, or how come you do not know what image you uploaded with 5 stars?

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Same here but you must active minimum 16 hours

can you give me pics in reply

can you also visit my GIG and suggest me how to improve it I will be your great thankful for this favour Actually 3 Months ago and no order But I want to provide the quality of work by using this platform

I’ll be happy to make suggestions, once you’ve already shown you can take them.

I want that you visit my gig and give me suggestions and Guide me

You still haven’t taken @marinapomorac 's advice. So, no. It’s not my job to do your work.