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No ORDER with logo design

Anyone who help me to get my first order and suggest me how to send effective buyers request I also send 300 but still no response I also give 18 Hours to fiverr but he doesn’t give me an one order


Fiverr does not give you orders. You have to earn orders yourself through effective marketing and excellent skills.

I recall that this is certainly not the first time you have asked the same question over the past few weeks, but it does not seem like you listen to what we tell you. If you have sent 300 proposals to Buyer Requests and gotten no response, then perhaps you need to change your approach. You need to tailor every response to the individual buyer, not just copy-paste a template proposal.

This is a good place to start if you want tips on how to write Buyer Requests, but I am sure someone has already shared it with you:

These are also great threads to read:


stay online and send buyer request regularly you will get your order asap

You created a same topic, few days ago. Whats the use of creating the same topic again and again??

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This mainly due to get something innovative ,extra ordinary and to get best ideas from top rated sellers like you

Thanks bro but I really have sent many offers but no response can you show me your skills about how to send buyers request

Thanks for this favour and idea