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No order yet after a long time?

I am on fiverr from 2016.At that time i create one gig.Due to exams i stop opening fiverr .Now I started again as a web developer but i am not getting any single order.Also my profile picture is not changing for viewers.
Can anyone please help me…
Thank you.

share your gig…

What are you doing to reach out to the target customers who need your services? You’re not going to earn sales if the people who need your services don’t know how to find you.

update your gig description by mention that “i came back to the fiverr after a long time due to some issues. Now, i am ready to provide my services again”.

The biggest problem about your gigs is that you don’t really know who’s your target audience.

For example, you’re converting PSD to HTML. As I understand there’s no CMS included. You’re instantly driving away small business owners who don’t wish to hire a developer every time they need to add or change content. It’s the 21st century, who builds websites without a CMS?

You’re also offering unlimited revisions. Who has time for 20 revisions? Do you think it’s a great experience for a customer if they have to tell you 20 times how to do something?

Last but not least, $5 for a website? A lot of buyers won’t even take you seriously. I’m not saying you can’t sell services for $5, but $5 is worth just $5. You can offer simple CSS fixes for $5, but building a website for $5 usually means either it’s low quality or you don’t know how to sell your service.