No order yet from gigs


please i need someone to help me out here i have created a gig which is almost impossible to resist but i don’t why i have not gotten any order yet not even 1 order…i wouldn’t mind paying someone to help me fix my profile up or better still tell me how to fix it…i would be really grateful


Some simple tips:

Use a real photo, not a stock profile photo. If you feel unable to use a real photo, have someone make a unique logo for you.

If you are selling writing, you need your gig descriptions, profile and samples to show that you can write with few errors. If that’s not possible, you might want to advertise different skills.

Be honest about your location. If your location is accurate but you are not a native speaker where you live, put that in your profile. Buyers will run away if they think you are dishonest.

If you have no sample work shown in your gig images or elsewhere, you aren’t likely to sell anything. You’ll need samples of real original work. If you don’t have any because the gig is new, pretend that you are working for a buyer and make some sample work. Put it up with watermarks if you prefer, but you have to show what you can do.


Hi @uniquekontent

I’m completely right with @fonthaunt

And check the fiverr academy!
And promote your gig(s) on social media…




I was also experiencing the same problem