No Order Yet in December


I am not getting any order now in the month of December, Please improve my gigs in order to get order any views ! please help me :anguished:


I’m glad you asked. You’ve got nice gig images and you have wisely spread yourself out with a number of unique offers to see what works. I’ve got 3 ideas for you:

I have experimented with helping my own V.A. with her profile, and I found that when her gig image included her picture, her sales were better than when I made her a video telling everyone how awesome she was. I take that to mean that buyers want their V.A. to be a woman. Not at all to suggest you should change your profile picture to be a beautiful Indian woman and put the same picture all over your gig images, because that would be wrong, wrong, wrong…but if you did, your sales would likely improve.

You have typos in your profile, which is sort of a problem if you want to be hired as a V.A. Here it is, corrected: “I have more than 5 years experience in customer service, business development, data entry, typing, Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), newsletters, lead generation, online market research and in- and outbound calling.”

Offer cold calling, which you say you have experience in. It’s a fantastic category, with lots of work and no one wanting to do it. I am a cold caller here, among other things, and if all I did was cold calling, I would still be 99th percentile for earnings on Fiverr. But make sure to start your packages at $25 or $50 and up. You’ll never make a living bouncing between $5 projects. If you have technical questions about making calls to the US (Americans will not pick up international calls and we don’t usually have skype), message me privately and I can point you in the right direction.

Best of success to you.


thank you selfors, I really appreciate it you said.