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No order yet Its almost 3 weeks now


I can do data entry great but never received a order from a buyer. I’m very disappointed… :pensive::pensive:


What data entry do you mean?
If you provide a service.
Better to see what niches are hot in the market


I mean Copy writing,Database analysing,PDF to Word,Content writing that kind of things


I just took a look at your page. Is English your first language?


Nope Its my second.sinhala is my 1st language


Ah okay that makes sense. I’m not familiar with data entry but I looked over all your gigs and they aren’t completely clear on what your service is, as well as what you’ll be doing for a buyer once they purchase. I can tell that it stems from the fact that English isn’t your original language. But that’s an easy fix. I would say to hire someone to review, or rewrite your gig and profile descriptions. Your English is clearly good enough to work, a lot is just lost in terms of grammar, verbiage, and sentence structure.


ok I will look for that… thank you for the suggestion…


Fiverr is Filled With SO man sellers…and gigs. Even old sellers like me are here to see ZERO sales since last 11 months. Very very bad now.


hmm… But some people just starting 1st time on fiverr and making money very fast


Better learn and try to create graphic designing or video creation gigs, that will convert well…and if you are content creation, you should know English very well…your description seems pretty confusing…


You have to promote your gigs.
As bad as any of your gigs.
There is always 1 sale for 1000 impressions