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No order yet, what's wrong!

Hello mates,

I have created my account on Fiverr two months ago, and I do not get any job yet, even though I use so many tips I have heard before, such as using videos and keywords, I even send more than 120 proposals to buyer requests, please take a look at my profile and let me know if anything is wrong, what can I change or add.

melkasimi | Logo Design, Social Media Design | Fiverr

Thank you very much.


Hello, i think you should start your pricing from $5 because the buyer will first see your service fee first when you got them with the fee you will get your first soon and do marketing your gig in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook groups. These will help alot to get you to your first client soon.


Thank you so much for your valuable comment

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Ummmm, you thank the person who gave you terrible advice and ignored the one who gave you good advice. Maybe it was not meant that way but rememder, without you there to guide with facial expressions etc, all you have are the words you used - and equally those you didn’t use.

Your Video is charming and resolved my initial thought of: Oh here’s another template warrior. That said it might be worth using images that don’t look quite so much like every other person in the universe selling logos. When I was in the branding game, showing 300 little logos on one page was known silly, a check sheet may have many but the ones you wanted to sell, you put in a heroic frame - or one per page so they can work properly. Either way, work to look unique if you really are doing unique work. Otherwise the only option will be to take that poor advice and be $5.

You might wat to look at this too:

Unlimited anything is death in these places. Quality is all about limits.


Thank you so much bubby.

Thank you so much for your time

There is no reason to despair. The current world is competitive. There have been many good designers. I have completed only six jobs in the last one to one and a half years. I have so far received only two jobs by requesting more than a thousand buyers. It will not work if it breaks down a little. You have to work hard all the time. Success does not come easily. Give it a try.

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Thank you mate for your motivation :pray: :muscle: