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No order yet! Why?


Anyone help me in getting orders. What should be done? See yourself


Are you reaching out to the target customers who need your services? Or are you just expecting them to somehow, randomly find you?


Make more gigs, send buyer request, promote yourself, be online.Buyer request is the best way to start.
You will have your first order soon. Wish you best of luck.


Not randomly brother. I want to target costumers.What should be done in that regard.?


Making more gigs… ok i’ll do this surely!
sending buyer requests… unfortunately I always find buyer requests empty. what to do?
promote myself… where should i promote exactly and how?


When you make more gigs then will you be able to see more buyer request.
For buyer request there are some specific timing you have to found those timing. Check this for buyer request : Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Inconsistencies, Etc.) Updated July 2018
Promote yourself on social media with your skills it will help you in finding out your buyers.


Find those customers, reach out to them, and encourage them to hire you.


Search buyer request in these timing, when I search in these timing I found buyer request.
11 to 12 AM 1 to 2 PM 6 to 7 PM 11 to 12 PM.


tysm i understood the buyer request issue after reading this which you shared, so grateful.!
Kindly do tell me where exactly on social media i should promote. ? and how? i’m having poor skills as far as social media and promoting is concerned.


Okay i’ll be following these timings. Thanks


Alright brother i’ll be working on it. I appreciate your concern. thanks


On twitter with # tags on Instagram. Start your youtube channel and drop your profile link there. create linkdin account and share your gigs there.


A Bit difficult task for me but i’ll do study on this for sure! :+1:


Success need hard work and consistency if you apply these you will have orders.


Yeah exactly you just quoted the master key fact. Really motivating. ty


Hello: Edit your gig keywords sometimes. Change them. Search Fiverr to see what popular search words show up in the drop-down menu and use some of those words/phrases. When I changed around my keywords to better fit my gig, I got more buyer requests. Good luck to you! Sandi


Hey thanks mate. That’s really a valuable tip :slightly_smiling_face:


Hii Zaiba. Are 2 gigs enough to get buyer request because I too find my buyer request page empty. I joined in July 2016 and have completed two orders. I took a break of almost a year and came back and made another gig. Views and clicks are dropping and I am not getting any order.


Hi, you should recreate your gigs. copy your description some where, create your gig again. It will boost up your gig like new. You should create more gigs it will help you in showing more buyer requests.


Thank you so much Zaiba. I created another gig and after publishing it, I opened the buyers request section. I got 4 requests. Thank you for your tips.