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No Order............!


I got my first sale within 2 days after creating my account…But now no order… For promotion what i need to do…?I am active on warrior forum, fiverr forum… Here is my gig url…If anything goes wrong, then please don’t overlook.


Maybe create a Tumblr blog or just a regular blog with great content that links to your gig.

Writing gigs aren’t the easiest to promote if you have no contacts and don’t want to spend money doing so.


Honestly, And please dont take this the wrong way. I would remove your video, or change it to something else. And maybe replace your logo with a logo for your company instead of your personal picture.

Maybe also a few examples of your writing instead. But I am not sure how writers promote their work on fiverr, if they even post examples. :wink:


Reply to @sara1984: Thanks for your help. I have a technology blog. Already added a banner in sidebar. Now thinking will write a review for my gig. Hope may help this.


Reply to @grogbro: Thanks for your help. How can i add sample in my gig? Also, I will try to fix them definitely.


The gig in question is for writing, but your gig is filled with grammar and spelling errors. You’re not going to have success selling your services as a writer if you can’t write with a native-level fluency.


I have a same experience.


Reply to @jamesbulls: Can you be more specific… Please show me an edit…


Reply to @contentmachines: I just took a look and I have to agree with jamesbulls on the errors. Here is a specific example from your profile, do you see what’s wrong?

“Their most of the content is SEO optimized that’s convert well in search engine.”


Reply to @flexdesign: Find out something. Try to recover and share with us.


Reply to @fonthaunt: So i need to show up myself. “My most of the content is Seo optimized that is convert well in search engine”- something like that or something else…


Reply to @contentmachines: Totally honest - I’m not messing with you this is a real suggestion. I would find some gigs to do that you have experience with, can learn quickly, or do something that could go in the fun category. People are always looking for new things they can give as gifts or advertise with, like birthday stunts on video or holding a sign in a unique place.


I’ve had the same experience- my advice would be to just plug your profile on all your social media platforms, spruce up your titles/vids, and try to gain more of a social media presence to gain more attention. Best of luck!


Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks bro…I am a tech blogger. Also i am familiar with content creating. I have no problem with that. Will recover from here very soon.


Reply to @summerjones: Ok i will do that…