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No order

i m not getting any order after uploading my gigs.

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Reply to @mariadavid: For clarity, are you offering help on this issue for free, or for the cost of a gig?

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First, your post is not a tip for other sellers. You can click edit to move the post to either Fiverr Stories or Fiverr FAQ. Otherwise I will move it to FAQ shortly.

Second, you didn’t say when you added your gigs. If it was less than 48 hours ago they may not even show up in search yet. If it was more than 48 hours but less than a month, you may have to be more patient and promote your gigs on social media. Getting the first sales us the hardest for everyone.

Click on Discussions at the top left of the forum and read at least the first 10 posts. Apply all the ideas and tips you find in those and that should really help.

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Be cheerful no worries there is more than one solution for each problem , after you create your Gig did you work on the SEO method ! if not you are welcome I will help and teach you on how to optimize you gig to get found

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for free


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I’d check out this thread and the dozens of other threads titled something like “Tips for How to Get Orders,” or “Not Getting Any Orders? Here’s What to Do,” and the like:

Reply to @mariadavid: i didnt work on the seo method…and i have not much information of that.