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No order

Hy i’m new here.
i don’t know whats wrong.
i’m not getting orders.It has been two months.
check out my gigs and help me out.

Well Miss Cheeko, I’m not sure where to start.
First of all, you went to Harvard? That is very impressive, but for a Harvard graduate
you are making quite a lot of mistakes.
If you have been to such a difficult and demanding university like Harvard, I am sure that you know research and presentation is important in almost any field.
Yet a lot of your gigs have only one sample image, Tom and Jerry does not belong to you, and I believe you are using another cartoon character which I am pretty sure I’ve seen on Cartoon Network. You’re also mentioned a video, but there is no video in your sample.
I can go on a bit more, but hopefully this is enough to get my point across.

And boom goes the dynamite.

The OP is also not an attractive woman (as seen in profile photo). All things considered, take this as a warning, Fiverr does not appreciate fraudulent sellers.

i saw your profile it’s look nice. but you should always active online firstly and use sent buyer request always. Then you will get order as soon as possible.

So you asked for help, I pointed out the mistakes you have made, it’s been 5 days and it seems like you haven’t changed anything. It’a amazing when so many people ask for help here, yet many of them make no changes at all. I guess they wanted someone to wave a magic wand and make everything work out rather than a decent advice. Sorry, I’m just a muggle.