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No orders after 1st of may


Hi everyone,

I got average of orders in the end of the last month. But after the beginning of this month there are no orders for me. Please help me to got some orders. I am out of mind what to do.

thank you,



I think Fiverr is beginning to attract more sellers than buyers, I don't know if this trend is reversible.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Permission Problem

You don’t have permission to do that.


My problem is same, from the start of this response rate i am not even getting a single Message by the buyers, even my response rate is also at 100. I dont know what going on. but i am really depressed/confused and tensed.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thats TRS forum so nobody except TRS cant see that.


I had a same problem. i have order every day in last month. but i don’t have a order after start this month. but i never give up. i create social media site and promote My gig everyday. now i have order again. don’t give up. that is the secret of fiverr.


@arty182925 @fastcopywriter yes its not viewable for us… well, is there any hope, that the flow of orders will be some what stable again for all of us (from the discussion in that thread) ?


same for me…my orders have dropped


I also can not view the discussion for some reason! my order have been down for the last few months although I have 99% rating and my response rate is 2 hours


I am also have no sell for last few days & dont know why?!tried to check the link given on the post above but shows permission denied.


Me too… No orders… Just got one today after several days…


Reply to @turnkeyz: I think there is something going on with fiverr page. Maybe they are fixing or adding something. Nobody knows.

There is thread on TRS forum about this too. Alot of TRS are telling that their sales dropped down.

Mine dropped down too. I am barely getting new buyers now. All others are repeating customers. Before this started to happen, I was getting at least 15 messages when I wake up. And minimum of 5 orders was waiting me in the morning.

Now only few messages and I am happy if I see 1 order waiting.

God bless repeating customers lol


For all that cant see link, that is TRS forum, thats why you cant open it.


Hi everybody !

Sometime just dont have orders. Thats all.

No any scam, no something wrong. Anyway if you are serious guys/girls/mans/womans keep opening Fiverr and do your best when buyer ordering your Gigs. Overdelivering always working ! I love to overdeliver my orders and my clients are happy. Manny of them coming for second, third etc. time and recommend my work to their friends.

That its all friend.


Same for me. My ratings on my best selling gig went down for no reason - I’ve only ever gotten 5 star reviews and one 4.5 star review, but my average appears as 0.5 =( No wonder nobody wants to buy my gig anymore! I’ve reported this to support service and I really hope they fix it soon.


Same here. My orders drastically dropped off at the beginning of this month.


I am a new seller here so I hope I will be lucky and get many orders from Fiverr. Just followed this thread and see if anyone have some brilliant tips for all of us :slight_smile:


Reply to @arty182925: Oh! Man I feel so dumb, I only started visiting the forum after becoming TRS, I didn’t know “TRS Only” meant only top rated sellers can see it.


Reply to @daniyalhussain: Sorry, my bad.


I have also same problem I don’t get any order !