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No orders after a month. Must be doing something wrong!

Hello! I’m new to fiverr and this is my first gig:

I haven’t received a single order or even a message from someone legitimately interested in my services. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to add more examples to the gallery? Is the pricing not right?

I’ve worked as a headshot photographer and done additional retouching for clients in the past. No one ever complained or seemed unhappy with my work, so I’m confident in my skills…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


You could try lowering the price of at least the basic package until you have a few reviews.
Also if you’re not sending offers to BR you could do that.

What do you mean sending offers to BR? Can you please clarify as i am new here and i would like to learn more :slight_smile:

I mean in the “Buyer Requests” page that is shown to sellers (more->buyer requests) if there are any requests that you could do well then you could send offers to those requests (as long as you can do them in the time required).


@mirasteinzor I have also the same problem around 20+ days haven’t knocked. Just doing 2/3 order with my previous clients.
But now clients are knocking.
Have patience and did not panic and don’t do such a keyword affected change in your GIG.
I got one cancel + 1 star and a warning but I just wait.

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oh GREAT idea. Makes sense. Sending offers to buyers. Thank you very much.

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This is so good to know about! I’m pretty new to fiverr so I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks!!

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Hi Maria,
Please complete your 7 gigs with different related keywords so that you will get buyer requests which will ultimately help you get your orders.

I hope you got your answer. Another thing is you must active on this platform as much as you can.

promote your gigs through social media