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No orders after a week?

Hi all,

I’m unsure where exactly to post this.

I was an avid Fiverr user back in 2014~ and would get orders daily with my gigs. I had to stop due to life commitments, but have since returned due to lack of employments thanks to the current circumstances. However, my gigs have been online for over a week now and are hardly receiving any visits, let alone orders. I remember last time I would almost immediately get orders, but now there’s nothing.

I was wondering what I should do to increase my gig orders? I was told to visit buyer requests but there appear to be zero requests - and I check almost daily.


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now it’s more compilation in Fiverr… for orders you need to ranked your gig…
Best of luck

Competition is fierce here on Fiverr. I’ve been active on Fiverr since 2014 – the same year you noted, and I’ve seen all the change that has made Fiverr what it is today. If you want to increase your orders, you need to do marketing and promo work – you need to reach out to your target customers, show them what you can do to solve their problems, and then convince them to hire you. Your gigs are a business, and you will need to treat them as such if you wish to succeed here.


Similar to you, I have been with Fiverr since 2013. I also took an extended break for about a year as I had other stuff going in life. This is my experience…

It took about three weeks for my first order to come through after reactivating my gigs. Whereas prior to taking a break I would get an order every two or three days. So, I’m sure it will happen for you - just might take a few more days.

Also, the simple reality is that Fiverr has grown and grown since the early days. There is now much more competition among sellers. More people offering more services.

I think the key is to make yourself stand out from the crowd by taking some of the Fiverr skills tests for example. It shows you have invested some additional time in demonstrating your skills, and you’re therefore a serious seller.

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I’m waiting for my first order, there is a lot of competition on fiverr. So you gotta keep trying!

For like this week too much new sellers are coming to fiver!
And eventually for the economical crisis buyers are searching for efficient cheap works!
That’s why cheap gigs are doing too much well i guess!

Keep going and change the strategies as per new market norms . That’s all.Being an experienced hand , you will be able to catch up with new trends easily.