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No orders after being promoted to Level 1

Hi, there,

I was a lot excited to achieve Level 1 seller and finally this 15th I got it. But from the day I got promoted to Level 1 I haven’t received a single order. The past month when I was a Level 0 seller I have received like 30 orders and completed each of them with a 5-star rating. FYI my niche is book cover design and I am still ranking on the first page in the first 5 rows like before.

Please let me know if this has happened to anyone, or if anyone has a solution.

Thank you for reading.
Looking forward to hearing your responses.

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First You have to check other seller gig are they getting order? If yes You need to change something.

Your price
Your gig thumbnail
Your description

I have already done that,
And yes others are getting orders.