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No orders after being unactive

hello, i am sypexx
I am a graphic designer and I am selling social media design on Fiverr.
A few months ago, my seller page started growing, and I started to get more and more orders.
but about 2 months ago, I had a few things in my personal life I had to deal with, and I couldn’t be active on my page on fiverr.
This resulted me getting out of people recommendations when they search for designs, and having no orders right now.
Does anybody have any tips for this situation? What can I do to get orders now because I feel like my seller page is “dead” and Fiverr marked me as unactive seller…



Have you tried any of the following advice for new sellers?:

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Edit GIG and change the category and do marketing on social media platforms especially LinkedIn and twitter. And also keep active on Fiverr as much as you can.

The answer is very simple you have to do all the same things again which you have done as a starter but this time you have some advantages like you might have some reviews and some buyers so contact them again tell them you are back to work and try to rank stay online you will soon get that momentum again but it might take some time. :+1: :+1: :star-struck: Best wishes

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Your advice may help, but he is not a new seller.

This topic is of my interest too, because now as I have paused all of my Gigs and I was getting at least 2-3 customer order requests per day, what will happen after 2 months.

So, may be the Gigs are being considered fully as new, but you will still get benefit of your past reviews.
More input from someone will be interesting to know.

I suggest you try promoting as much as you can.

Actually, he is. He joined Fiverr in January 2020, and only worked four of the past six months. I think that counts as being new enough to be given advice.

No one knows the future. You will have to experience what happens when that future arrives in the present.

Then perhaps my linked advice will be of use to you as well.