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No orders After Level demotion what to do?


Hi ,
i have been a level 2 seller but due to 2-3 buyers mistakenly placed orders caused me to loose my level
what was my fault in this ? Without any fault fiverr system demotes me for mistakenly placed orders

fiverr should consider not to HIT seller rating for mistakenly placed orders

from feb i received no inquiry or message from buyers about my services

i was getting over 10 inquiries everyday people were loving my work
now they are down to 0 because fiverr says even if its not your fault you’re going to pay for it

what to do now ?


Happened to me too! However I still got inquiries even though I was docked to a new seller. Just keep up the orders you do get and you’ll eventually return to your level :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat - lost level 2 due to the same reasons as you, and then went down to ‘new seller’ because a lack of orders meant I couldn’t go back up at the next evaluation. I’ve made a bit more progress now and should be going back up in April and May (fingers crossed).

Market your gigs off-Fiverr if you can - you need to get those new sales to get you back up - you’ve got 9 days until the next evaluation. What can you do to make that happen?

This is one of the reasons why putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea. :wink:


Thank you i will try marketing :+1:

Yes i agree now i am putting my eggs in other baskets too ! :rofl::+1:


Glad to hear it - I am as well! :egg:

I do hope you regain your level on the 15th - I’ll have my fingers crossed for you. :crossed_fingers:


Not on 15th i was at level 2 then in march i demoted to level one now i am again demoting to new seller may be next month i will be back

because there are 2 orders that were cancelled on 15th and 20 so