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No orders after promotion

hi, got promoted to level 1 like almost a month ,since then I have no orders, my impression and clicks are dropping. Who’s facing the same problem or who faced this issue and how did you get through, kindly.
Thank You!!


Have you read this thread yet?

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Active 24hours and everyday 10 buyer request send.

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Can you tell me how is possible active 24hours.?are you not sleep?



I was the same. However, what I discovered helped was looking at the top level and level 2 sellers who seemed to be doing well and editing my tags and headlines and gig descriptions so that they were similar (but not identical) to a combination of theirs. That seemed to help and I started to get orders again


I had this same issue but everything is slowly bouncing back to normal

Okay, I also saw somewhere that altering your pricing like increasing the price as to what you were offering at new seller, can help.So I really don’t know how true is it.

After how long? Please

did you increase your gig price after promotion?

No, am just asking too since I saw it somewhere so was asking if it worked for someone.

I’m facing the same problem… :sleepy:
Don’t know what I need to do… but still trying what I did before… :expressionless:

I still repent for my previous incident. I am working about 13 months in fiverr. within 20 days i got my first order. then every month I got minimum 4-5 orders. and soon promoted level1. As I was only person doing freelance at my zone. so have not much experience. One of my senior said you can increase your gig price. so without thinking and proper research i increased my gig price. believe from that day click impression getting lower. its got lower from 2k to 50. 4 months not get any single message. although active around 14-15h per day. I lost everything my level confident interest. but recently one buyer knocked me and needs some redesign issue. after completing this with 5 star. everything going normal as before.
So this is my experience. I wish dedication is the main thing in this professional

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So I should maintain my pricing🤔

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Haha I think he’s meaning like most of the time be online

Put your fiverr account link in your fiverr forum accounts bio , that may help a little little bit but it may still be a improvement . Hope you have a nice day and your problem gets fixed , sorry I couldn’t give more information to help you as I haven’t been in this situation . Good luck

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This is a ridiculous Fiverr myth!

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Exactly this ^, fiverr also rotates gigs so dont worry.

:raised_hand:Ok no problem, I am wrong. I have a question when I go to sleep when anyhow to massage me for any service. But I can not reply to what I will do. Will he give me an order? Never, Please give a good way and a perfect solution. I am also new on fiverr. I have also need help. :heart: :heart: :heart:


Activation will be done by computer and mobile, you just have to respond to the buyer message for 24 hours! This is the tactic.

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No offense but your advice won’t help.